Performance Grip Socks

Performance Grip Socks

Performance Grip Socks

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MIY Performance Grip Socks have been designed to create optimum stability and comfort to allow you to concentrate on your game.

One Size: 7.5 11.5 UK, 41 45 EU

Performance Benefits:

  • High Grip Anti-Slip Technology performs in wet & dry conditions
  • Elite Athlete approved tried, tested and trusted
  • Premium Materials enhanced comfort and longevity
  • Structured Compression stimulates quicker recovery
  • Improve Foot Traction
  • Change Direction Quicker
  • Accelerate/Decelerate Faster When Running
  • Enhance Athlete Mobility
  • Reduce the Chance of Blisters
  • Crew Length

Note: Wash inside out for best results

Suitable for use in all sports, such as:

Football, Soccer, Rugby, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Cricket, Athletics, Netball, Hockey, CrossFit, Running, Golf and more.

With special rubber technology, these grip socks allow athletes in any sport to improve from the ground up. Experience a noticeable change in your training sessions through a better grip and more foot traction!

Using outer grips, these socks eliminate slippage inside the shoe, allowing you to be more confident in your movements when it's most crucial, improving your agility and overall performance. Wear these when performing sports and you'll never want to go back to normal socks!

Make It Yours.

Size Guide

One Size: 7.5 – 11.5 UK, 41 – 45 EU



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