About Us


At MIY Football, we believe in creating our own path. Our personalised shin guards are designed for individuals who demand function, creativity and a unique sense of style in their kit.

Passionate about the game, MIY Football makes sports protection fun. Players can add whatever they want to their shin guards, allowing them to express themselves on and off the pitch. Whether you choose an inspirational message, a photo of you lifting the trophy, or a reminder of your loved ones, MIY Football personalised shin guards will ensure you bring your best to every game you play.

Quality is our number one goal here at MIY Football. Every pair of shin guards are carefully designed and produced to the highest possible standards, with the finest quality materials and attention to detail. Aiming to bridge the gap between grassroots players and the world elite, our personalised shin guards are suitable for all levels, with high quality materials that guarantee maximum impact absorption, as well as comfort and protection.

Big believers in the ‘Look good, feel good’ mantra, we believe that wearing custom kit can give you the confidence and mental advantage to outperform your opposition. Make it yours.